2017 POSTER ARTIST: Al Carroll

Al Carroll has had a presence in Winter Park since the mid 60’s. After working as Senior Art Director for a local agency, he opened Rainbow Tree Studios in 1975 on the corner of Park Avenue and Morse Boulevard at 106 Park Ave. N. In 1973, Al was a co-designer of the 14th Winter Park Sidewalk Art Festival poster and in the early 80's he designed the logo for the Park Plaza Gardens. His artistic fingerprint can still be seen on the streets of Winter Park through the signs for College Quarter near Rollins College, on directional signage for the Winter Park Public Library, the Winter Park Historical Museum, and the Winter Park Farmers’ Market, and in the art nouveau peacock silhouette on street signs and manhole covers. His work was used for the cover of the publication “More Than a Memory,” an official project of the Orange County Bicentennial Committee.

As an "old school" graphic designer, Al hand drew and colored his logos and designs but left the computer work to others. In 1997, Al created a 4” x 8” ink on poster board design for the WPSAF that was never submitted until 2016 for the 2017 festival. The work on the poster was a timely effort as Al had health problems. His daughter, Hannah Welch, came across the artwork while organizing his things and thought it was a nice project for the two of them to share, thus keeping his mind occupied with what he liked to do best. Al was informed a few weeks before his passing that their design had been selected. For this project, Hannah had the vision of updating the design by adding color which she did digitally. Scott Sheppard, a computer-savvy, talented local artist and friend, who worked with Al for many years, was enlisted to contribute his expertise. The final design is a combination of skills and ideas offered by all three.

  First designed nearly 20 years ago, the 2017 Winter Park Sidewalk Art Festival poster is a tribute to the timeless beauty of the design of the poster and the City of Winter Park. To see more of Al’s and Hannah’s original artwork go to alcarrollstudio.com and hannahwelch.com.