2016 Winter Park Sidewalk Art Festival





Such Oddities                                Veronica G.           East River HS



Koi                                              Claire D.               The First Academy – HS



Yellowstone                                   Victoria B.             East River HS

Tomorrowland                                Kacy C.                 Ocoee HS

Sgraffito Slab Box                          Katherine F.          Boone HS

Self Portrait                                  Brooke H.             The First Academy – HS

Charcoal                                      Adriana J.             Foundation Academy – HS

Spheksophobia                               Cameron M.          Timber Creek HS

Detail of Three Trees after Rembrandt Sarah M.               The Geneva School – HS

Over-Whale-Ming                            Anthony P.            Lake Nona HS

Prevalon                                       Sidney P.              Lake Highland Prep – HS

Ascension                                     Warner R.             Lake Highland Prep – HS



Pen & Ink                                     Graci. A.                University HS

Tea Pot                                        Jayson B.              Dr. Phillips HS

11th Reach Escape                           Daniel B.               Lake Highland Prep – HS

Charcoal                                      Maddie C.             Foundation Academy – HS

Textured Tray                                Emily D.                Boone HS

Toni Morrison                                 Katianna E.           Maynard Evans HS

Fragments                                             Caroline F.            Lake Highland Prep – HS

Mary                                            Veronica G.           East River HS

Water Bottle Close Up                     Nicole G.               Lake Highland Prep – HS

Tango                                          Loren H.               Timber Creek HS

When Life Gives You Limes              Gianna H.             Bishop Moore HS

Under The Sea                               Gabby K.               Bishop Moore HS

The Gears Of Nature                       Emelia L.              East River HS

Slab Box With Drawer & Lid              Amy M.                 Boone HS

Flowers                                        Jack P.                          Lake Nona HS

Natural Space                                Rosa P.                Lake Nona HS

Clay                                            Marral P.               Winter Park HS/9th Gr. Cntr

Nightmare                                     Michael R.             Orangewood Christian - HS

Untitled                                       Emily S.                Winter Park HS/9th Gr. Cntr

Unconscious                                  Jessie W.              Trinity Prep Sch – HS



3-D Art                                        Clifton A.              Lake Highland Prep– HS

Root Canal                                    Tedi B.                          The Trinity Prep Sch – HS

Piano Pot                                      Savin B.                Lake Nona HS

Enchanted Tea Set                          Kylie C.                 Olympia HS

Octopus                                       Katie D.                Windermere Prep Sch – HS

Kings                                           Katianna E.           Maynard Evans HS

Porcupine After Leonard Baskin          Laura F.                The Geneva School – HS

Inner Contrast                               Victoria G.             Apopka HS

Charcoal                                      Macy G.                Foundation Academy – HS

Lucky                                          Darby G.               West Orange HS

Teapot                                         Sarah H.               The Trinity Prep Sch – HS

Crime Scene                                  Ashley K.              East River HS

Bahama Breeze                              Emelia L.              East River HS

Koi Fish                                       Page L.                 Timber Creek HS

Cheetah Print Purse                         Elizabeth M.          Lake Nona HS

Water With Strawberry                     Taylor M.              Bishop Moore HS

Transparency                                 Ashley R.              Colonial HS & 9th Gr Center

Blue Ocean                                   Hayley R.              The First Academy –HS

Ron                                            Kevin R.                Timber Creek HS

Clay With Glaze                            Sydney S.             Dr. Phillips HS

Owl                                             Tricia S.                Bishop Moore HS

Cole World                                    Kiara S.                Lake Nona HS

Melting House                                Peyton S.              Apopka HS

Contemplation                               Shelby S.              West Orange HS

Elf Queen                                     Caden T.              Ocoee HS

Wheel Thrown Lidded Piece            Ashlynn W.            Boone HS

Vase                                           Ashley P.              Lake Nona HS

Dragon Mosaic Collage                     Mrs.Mcgee’s Class UCP of Central Florida

Untitled, Mixed Media                   Gabrielle E.           West Orange HS

Georgi                                         Nina F.                           Windermere Prep Sch – HS





Untitled                                       Chole A.               Howard MS



Teddy Roosevelt Puppet                         Giffin H.                St. Margaret Mary - MS



Panda      (Graphite)                      Hannah C.            Sunridge MS

White Water Rafting, Tempera Batik    Jordan M.              Orangewood Christian - MS

Untitled                                       Noah G.                Avalon MS

Pencil Drawing                              Gabriel R.             Discovery MS

Wax Etching                                 Kylie R                           Foundation Academy – MS



Oil Pastel                                             Carlos A.               Foundation Academy - MS

Blue-Handled Pliers, Gouache           Elizabeth B.           Orangewood Christian - MS

Clay                                            Sofia B.                The Trinity Prep Sch – MS

Untitled                                       Brianna C.             Good Shepherd Cath – MS

Cow (Graphite)                             Gavin G.               Sunridge MS

Morning Glory                               Gabriella K.           The First Academy – MS

Spotted Rover                                Bennett O.            The Trinity Prep Sch – MS

Spring (Ceramics)                         Manuela R.           Avalon MS

Selfie                                          Polma S.               Howard MS

Lion Fish                                      Sydney W.            The Christ School – MS



Mary and Baby Jesus                       Brooke B.              St. Margaret Mary - MS

The Cliffs Of Etretat After Courbet, Acrylic        Camilla B.             Orangewood Christian - MS

Untitled                                       Rylee B.                     Bridgewater MS

Abstract Flower                             Justin C.               St. Charles Borromeo – MS

Broken Heart                                 Julia F.                          Howard MS

Pencil                                          Austin H.               Foundation Academy - MS

Pencil                                          Rachel H.              Foundation Academy - MS        

Still Life                                       Kieran J.               St. Charles Borromeo – MS

After Moran, Oil Pastels                           Breanna M.           Orangewood Christian – MS

Fish Zen Tangle                             Ann N.                           Discovery MS

Surrealistic Room                                    Luiza R.                Windermere Prep Sch – MS

Self Portrait Pop                             Nathalia R.            Faith Christian Acad – MS

Untitled                                       Michiru S.              Orlando Christian Prep – MS

Untitled                                       Annalee W.           The Christ School – MS

Lion, Conte Drawing                      Olivia W.               Orangewood Christian – MS




Avalon Middle School

Kraken                                                                    Samantha A.

April's Ghost                                                           Isabelle K.

Imagination Can Take You Everywhere                           Anna R.

Swimming Duck                                                        Gianniccolo R.

My Idea of Perfect                                                     Kaliana R.

Nature                                                                     Taylor S.


Bishop Moore High School

Under the Sea, ceramics                                                      Tommy B.

Self Portrait, digital art                                              Jacob D.

Orange Moth, color pencil                                           Isabel W.

Autumn Dream, oil on canvas                                     Emma Z.


Boone High School

Sgraffito Slab Box, ceramics                                       Govinda B.

Perching Ieterid, digital art                                         Graysen B.

Sgraffito Slab Box, ceramics                                       Adrian C.

Sgraffito Slab Box, ceramics                                       Cat D.

Sgraffito Slab Box, ceramics                                       Orla H.

Slab Platter with Underglaze Transfer                             Danielle O.

Sgraffito Coil Jar, ceramics                                         Victoria R.

Coil Jar, ceramics                                                     Alina R.

Coil Elephant, ceramics                                                         Alexis S.

Coiled Cat Teapot, ceramics                                        Cynthia S.

Wheel Thrown Platter with underglaze transfer                     Cameron T.


Colonial High School & 9th Grade Center

Blue Tide                                                                 Rosemarie S

Vejigante                                                                Sarah L.


Discovery Middle School

Liam Payne                                                             Bailey B.

Thursday's Angel                                                       Arianna C.

     Silenced                                                                 Ariana M.

Woman                                                                   Leah W.


Dr. Phillips High School

Clay with Glaze                                                        Michele B.

Clay with Glaze                                                        Galen C.

Clay with Glaze                                                        Kiara C.

Clay with Glaze                                                        Steve R.

Photography                                                           Elise R.


East River High School

Migration                                                                 Victoria B.

Navajo                                                                    Victoria B.

The Castles of Ireland                                                Lazara D.

Sea-Life Mutations                                                     John D.

St. Kateri                                                                Veronica G.

Eclipse                                                                    Veronica G.

Tibi Ignosco                                                             Veronica G.

Self-Portrait                                                             Ashley K.


Foundation Academy

Color Explosion                                                         Maddie C.

Portrait of Young Girl in Charcoal                                   Macy G.

Portrait of Teen                                                         Austin H.


Lake Highland Preparatory School

Alex Hanold                                                             Daniel B.

Negative                                                                  November B.

Family Collage                                                          Zaria C.

Tree                                                                       Kate J.

Cylinder Ember                                                         Luke M.

Through the Glass                                                     Olivia M.

Peter                                                                      Devina N.

Self-Portrait                                                             Amelia P.

Atarashi Hikarino Nakae                                              Sidney P.

Twisted Forest                                                          Sophia P.

Mystic Town                                                             Sophia P.

                                                                             Annie R.

Leap of Faith                                                           Warner R.


Lake Nona High School

Lion                                                                       Rosalyn C.

Untitled                                                                  Maivy D.

Tower                                                                    Kelly F.

Seashells                                                                Leah F.

Mannequin                                                               Michaela M.



Ocoee High School

Solitude                                                                  Katelyn M.

Cracked                                                                   Kacy C.

Red                                                                        Savanna T.


Olympia High School

2008 (graphite)                                                       Kass A.

Textural Ocean (painting)                                          Amy C.

Family Collage                                                          Zaria C.

Giraffe (sculpture)                                                    Brandon G.

Untitled (photography)                                                       Sarah L.

Untitled (photography)                                                       Hannah M.

Socky (sculpture)                                                    Laura N.

Prismatic Tea Set                                                     Maddie S.

Sgraffito Vase                                                                     Dania Y.

Enter the Movies (digital)                                           Tiffany Z.


Orangewood Christian School

Still Life, pen and ink                                               Camilla B.

Self Portrait                                                             Priscilla L.

Three Mannequins, charcoal drawing                             Valery S.


St. James Cathedral School

The Senator                                                             Payton B & Alex H.


St. Charles Borromeo Catholic School

Batman Mona Lisa                                                     Kristina A.

Still Life Sketch                                                        Kristian S.


The Trinity Preparatory School

Coil Pot                                                                  Josh A.

Kinky Boot                                                               Victoria B.

Tree                                                                       Kate J.

Untitled                                                                  Alexandra L.

Let Them Eat Cake                                                    Norah M.

Peter                                                                      Devina N.

Self-Portrait                                                             Amelia P.

Watching Time                                                          Annie R.


Timber Creek High School

Tribute to Paul Walker                                                Rendelle C.

El Yunque                                                                Daniella D.

Easy, Breezy, Beautiful Donut                                      Soriah S.


UCP of Central Florida

Freeform Textured Clay Bowl                                     Deloris M.

Kandinsky Watercolor Ink Blot                                            Katelynn M.

Redoute Floral Plaster Cast                                       Jaylah M. & Kenneth S.

Kandinsky Watercolor Ink Blot                                            Alejandro P.

Collaged Mannekin     Head                                      Cecilia Z.


University High School

Morning Swim, 2D                                                     Gracie A.

Untitled, 2D                                                            Gracie A.

Somewhere Undersea, 2D                                           Avery H.

Beth Caverner Emulation, ceramics                               Rebecca H.

Untitled, 2D                                                            Alyssa M.

Painting 1, 2D                                                                     Luca O.

Lindsay Feuer Emulation, ceramics                               Julla V.


West Orange High School

Outreaching, Watercolor                                            Kimberly A.

Pixels, Digital                                                                     Brianna E.

Portrait, Mixed Media                                                Brianna E.

Nuclear Waste, Colored Pencil                                    Allyson G.

Augmented Hand, Pen & Ink                                       Ress H.

Werewolf, Mixed Media                                                        Emily R.

Girl in the Starry Night, Ceramics                                Illiana W.


Windy Ridge Middle School

Tissue Paper Heart                                                    Reuben C.

Lines                                                                      Shu K.

Line Drawing                                                            Victoria L.