Wi-Fi in Central Park

Winter Park and Bright House Networks Metro-Wireless Network (Wi-Fi) Connections Instructions

Bright House NetworksTM customers

  • Free, unlimited access - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Non-Bright House NetworksTM Road RunnerTM customers

  • Requires a Wi-Fi enabled device (laptop, computer, PDA or phone).
  • Available for two hours each day beginning at midnight (12 a.m.). The two-hour time block is contiguous from the point of sign-on and is not available in portions.
  • Pay-per-use service is available once free service time limits have been reached. Pay schedule is as follows:
  • $1.99 per hour; $3.95 for a 3-hour block
  • $8.95 per day (24 contiguous hours from start of service)
  • $19.95 per week (Seven contiguous 24-hour days from the start of service)

How to connect to the Internet:

  1. Using the wireless configuration software on your PC, WiFi-enabled PDA or WiFi-enabled phone, search for the ‘MyBrightHouse’ network name (SSID).
  2. A list of available Wi-Fi networks will appear. If you are in range of the signal, “MyBrightHouse” will appear in the list. Highlight “MyBrightHouse” and click connect. No password is required to connect.
  3. Once you are connected, launch your Internet web browser. Be sure to disable any script blocking utilities
  4. The web browser page will be redirected to the City of Winter Park portal page

Bright House NetworksTM Road RunnerTM customers:

From the City of Winter Park portal page

  1. Click on the “Road Runners Users” link in the lower left portion of the log-in screen.
  2. Enter the username and password from your @cfl.rr.com email address.
  3. Enjoy unlimited connectivity with no time limits!

Non-Bright House NetworksTM Road RunnerTM customers:

From the City of Winter Park portal pageClick on the “Signup” link to register for a two-hour free time block, or for pay-per-use or weekly service.

  1. Select a username and password (Usernames and passwords are case sensitive)
  2. Once registered, a confirmation page will show your active “Free 2 Hours” service. You can now access the Internet. When the free time block expires you will be prompted to purchase additional time.
  3. The next time you connect; simply enter your User Name and Password in the lower left portion of the portal page.

User sessions will time-out after one hour of inactivity

For questions or problems regarding connection to the Wi-Fi service, call Bright House Networks Technical Support at 888-205-2160