2018 Winter Park Sidewalk Art Festival Patrons


Law Firm of Gunster

Winter Park Publishing Company


The Mayflower Retirement Community
Commerce National Bank & Trust - Guy and Donna Colado
The law firm of Gunster



Cornell Fine Arts Museum
FreshPoint - Will and Molly Fulghom & Robert and Madeline Gordon
Winter Park Publishing Company - Randy Noles and Theresa Swanson


Mary and Buck Adkins
Aloma Title Company - William F. Primo
Robin Angel
Terry A. Breese
Minter Byrd
John and Andrea Christy
Mike and Terry Davis
Randy and Kathy Elliott
Mark and Tiffany Feinberg
Wayne and Patricia Jones
Meredith Murphy
Kathy Phillips
Denise and Jay Whitehurst


David and Judy Albertson
Allen and Peggy Amos
Robert and Emma Chong
John and Kay Custis
Jeff Dowman and Jean Gillen
Steve and Diane Goll
Deborah M. Greear
Ruth and Gerry Hartman
Dr. Mary Palmer
Dan and Carla Priehs
Dr. Scott Rotatori


Michael and Patrice Abufaris
Sarah Arnold
Kathy Benham
Carter and Jan Bowman
Breedlove, Dennis & Associates
Jeffrey Briggs
Drew Brooks
Terry Bryant
Judi Carey
Janet Charity and Susan Cochran
Delos and Beth Clift
Thomas and Gail Colman
Carmen D. and Jim Cooper
Mark and Laura Cosgrove
Vinny and Danielle D'Assaro
David and Cynthia Der Hagopain
Duncan DeWahl
The Honorable Alan Dickey and Mrs. Laurie Dickey
Jeff and Judy Doster
Stephen and Joan Elker
Richard and Carol Ellis
Seth and Janice Elsheimer
Dykes and Lisa Everett
Steve and Lori Fairbanks
Susan Finnegan
Lamont and Lynda Garber
Mary and Michael Glasgow
Bud and Kathryn Grammer
Scott A. Greenberg, M.D.
John and Barbara Gugel
Suzie and Howard Harris
Wayne and Sharon Helsby
Mike and Kristi Hlavek
Susan Hudson
Julio Gonzales and Jennifer Janette
Sue Kain
Michael and Aimee Kakos
Phil Kean and Brad Grosberg
Elaine and Doug Kerr
John and Linda King
Bob & Marcia Klettner
Tom and Kathleen Lauman
Scott Levitt
Monte Livermore
Judy and Paul Luckett
Paul and Stacey Manos
Mr. & Mrs. Roger S. Marks
Scott & Diane Meltz
Congressman John L. Mica and Mrs. Pat Mica
Maija and Al Michejda
Lynn Minkow
Jim and Carole Moreland
Virginia (Gina) Peterson
Dr. and Mrs. Jay Plotkin
Angela Ramsey
Christine Richmond
Morna Robbins
Kimberly Roberts
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Roselle
Carolyn Salyerds
Judith Sanborn and Chuck Wohlust
Harold Scherr
Steve and Ava Simms
Vic Smirnow and Drew Cobb
Sharon Snow
Jean P. Sprimont
Jeff Starks and Matthew Engel
Lori and Adam Stefanowicz
Bill and Leslie Stern
Pamela Stewart
Strategic View, LLC
Amy Thrasher
Louise and Dick Weiner
Mark and Lyn Williams
Law Firm of Lori Pearson Wise, PA
Carol Wisler
Ellen and Wayne Wolfson
Bruce and Michaelle Woodruff